Digitalna Forenzika

Terms of Business

Techno Group d.o.o. do not guarantee for success of data recovery and service are payed only in the case of recovered data. Techno Group d.o.o. cannot know and it’s not our intention to know – what data are important for client and what data aren’t. If we found any data in the memory, during data recovery, it will be understood as successful data recovery. When client bring us a device for data recovery, he/she need to sign statement about ownership of device. In the case of physically damaged or non-working device, after our service, device will be given to client back in disassembled state, or, if client agrees – will not be given back at all. If data recovery is successful – client will receive only recovered data.

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Digital Forensics

Digital forensics of mobile phones, different kind of memories and drones using licenced software for digital forensics

Recovery Of Deleted Data

From mobile phones,USB flash drives,memory cards and computers

Data Recovery

Data recovery from inoperative or physically damaged mobile phones

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